On Writing

Where I Write – Revisited

I’ve been feeling a bit strangled lately especially when I venture into my office. Indeed, I am able to write anywhere, in any kind of mess, however, sometimes I need to do a clean out. These clean outs are as much about the physical space as they are the spiritual/inspirational.

Last evening, I cleaned out my office. This included my desktop, bookshelf and surrounding boxes/bags on the floor. It took me about three hours.

Here is the BEFORE photo.


Here is the AFTER of my desk.


I didn’t take a before photo of my bookshelf. The best word to describe it was: bursting. I had things shoved in every crevice. I couldn’t find anything. I couldn’t read my book titles. After the clean, I can see everything. All my writing books are together and happily waiting to be plucked for use and inspiration.


When it was all done and I stood at the edge of my office, I could breathe easier. Seriously. That strangled feeling subsided to a gentle anxiety (which lately I seem to always have over me like a Harry Potter invisible cloak).

I was talking with my best friend who is also a writer. He’s been feeling the same way. Is there a full moon coming or something? Is it the start of the season change already? Is it all the school supplies I see at Wal-mart pushing ‘back to school’ all over us like sticky, Windsor heat sweat? I can’t quite figure out what’s causing all the commotion in my mind, but it motivated me to clean out and organize. I feel better now. I feel like I can come to my space and write, and not feel like I have to clean in order to be creative. I know where everything is now. Luckily, I didn’t find any unpaid bills! Yikes.

At around 8:45pm, I felt satisfied. When I turned to leave my office, this is what awaited me:


The kid’s play room. Wow. I left it as is. I didn’t have the energy to clean their space too. Alas, after a bubbly warm bath, I was re-energized. While the kids watched ‘Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves’ (Rick Moranis at his best!), I tidied up the play area. The basement was clean as a whistle come sleep time.