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Look At Her – First Official Review by Rebecca Banks, Subterranean Blue Poetry


Writer and editor of Subterranean Blue Poetry Rebecca Banks has written (what I believe is!) a shining review of Look At Her! Thank you so very much Rebecca for taking the time to read my poetry, and to write a beautiful review! I’m thrilled that you’re the first to write an official review!

Here is a taste of Rebecca’s review, but please, go to her website and read through the WHOLE current issue – for it is filled with delightful poetry, reviews and a stellar editorial on the use of rhyme in poetry.

“This poetry is raw urban noire, experiential, rooted in everyday life, an exuberant truth telling by a feminist Poet. Inside poetry, it is a celebration of the power of love, sex and procreation, an immediate, earthy, soullight offering. This poetry will shake you out of your comfort zone with a wild scream of “sex, love, blood and guts and bingo” long into the night. Themes include the female body, sex, motherhood, family, coming of age stories, stories of cancer, fear, discrimination, sexism, the violence on the edge of nirvana, life N.A…”

Please read the full current issue, and Rebecca’s review HERE!

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