A New Book for Mulhern! Book Launch April 4, 2018!

Previously on the blog, I interviewed Mary Ann about her book 'How We Fare' - published by Black Moss Press in April 2016. It's been just about two years since then and I am happy to share with you that Mary Ann's next book of poetry is launching ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!  And, in fact, it's … Continue reading A New Book for Mulhern! Book Launch April 4, 2018!


Plenty of Things

Like chocolate... A delicious gift I was given just this morning after spending two glorious hours with a group of poets in a 'World of Poetry' class. I was invited to speak about poetry, and then participate in a salon-style poetry session. It was a perfect morning, really. I can talk about poetry and writing … Continue reading Plenty of Things

Guest Writer *Book Launching March 28* Brittni Brinn

Introducing authoress Brittni Brinn! I am a happy to share this interview with her - with you! And share information about Brittni's upcoming book launch - because it's something to celebrate! The Patch Project is Brittin's first published novel. Here's a brief synopsis: "When most of the world inexplicably disappears overnight, only small patches of … Continue reading Guest Writer *Book Launching March 28* Brittni Brinn

Silver Linings – Grant Applications

Grant applications are never simple. They take long to put together. We have to use a different language when answering the questions. We have to ask friends for letters of support and/or reference. We have to pay for photocopying and postage. (Yes, some granters are attempting to shift away from postage and go 'all digital' … Continue reading Silver Linings – Grant Applications