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Poem 104 – Grand disaster & Thimbles Updates

Grand disaster

learning how to fold into the
spaces between words is
the deconstruction of ego

I put on my pretty yellow dress
with the white stripes & spaghetti straps
ready for the heat of undoing
these shoulders hold heaps of thoughts
as constant as the sun

I want to eat the darkness between the rays

where I’m going it’s all blood & bone
it’s kneecaps & palms in prayer
the voices in my head marching
into a million flute-sided ramekins

a recipe for guilt’s grand disaster

How exciting is this? My favourite writing magazine, Poets & Writers, has a section for ‘New Releases’ and so I did this…

Squeeee! It feels good to see ‘Thimbles’ in my favourite magazine! If you’re interested, this volume is filled with exciting ‘free’ writing contests. Do have a look-see!

NPM – Dream Poet for Hire – New Haiku Collection

Dream Poet for Hire Marshall James Kavanaugh, who will be sharing a live event with me in June (deets below), sent me a package of goodies including his latest haiku collection that was virtually celebrated in a grand display of music, poetry, philosophy and advocacy. The collection is a wild jaunt through the desert as experienced by different poets. When the world isn’t in a pandemic, Marshall is a modern-day nomad traveling the globe with his typewriter and cue cards spreading love one poem on demand at a time!

Do join us as we share our passion for poetry and how we write our poems on the spot!

Vanessa and Marshall will discuss writing poetry on demand, and showcasing exactly how they do it! Also, they’ll discuss writing poetry, and will read from their books. Marshall is in Philadelphia.
Tuesday, June 29, 2021
7:30PM EST
Via Instagram Live @dreampoetforhire – Marshall and/or @shieldsvanessa – Vanessa

Thank you to the League of Canadian Poets for a grant for this event!


Thank you everyone who is so generously purchasing copies of ‘Thimbles’ and sending me kind messages on social media or delightfully special gifts in the post that simply burst my heart into a trillion joyful pieces! I feel the love and I bounce it right back atcha!

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