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#NPM22 -The Intimacy of Dreams & The Intimacy of Lists

The Intimacy of Dreams
After Paul Laurence Dunbar ‘Dreams’

Ah! Dreams
The thriving joys that
burst through seams

The jelly hearts that
current streams
The fairy wings that
carry beams
Of sun’s pure light &
all that gleams

Ah! Dreams
Fears untethered on display
To bask in peace – to play! To play!
To hold in smiles come what may
Ah! Dreams, so real – Today! Today!

Ah! Dreams
Belong to land & sky
So blossom start, then fly! Then fly!
Let hearts unfurl in gorgeous sigh –
When dreams may come – choose I! Choose I!

The Intimacy of Lists

Gathered in a column true
The list of things to do, to do

Stacking words in inky blue
Go here, do this – a lot or few

For when the day begins askew
& you don’t really have a clue

How you will ever make it through
Make a list and set anew

Each thing a member of a crew
Gliding in the day’s canoe

You must! You must! Enjoy the view!
As living dips & swaddles you

3 thoughts on “#NPM22 -The Intimacy of Dreams & The Intimacy of Lists

  1. OMG – love these poems!! Especially the list one (as a woman who’d be lost without her lists!!) XO

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  2. How true.Vanessa! Dreams are so special! We all need our dreams. Sometimes they “ come true”. Your dream of Poet Laureate has “ come true”, And, I’m so happy for you! You’ll “ make Windsor proud” . And, you’ll have to make lists. That’s for sure! Wonderful to see you today! Marty and I are so happy to each have “ a permanent poem”inThe Willistead collection! Today, I met a woman who is a “ Walker descendant!” Wow, very exciting! You’ll live working with Christopher! He’s beyond wonderful! Let me know when you’d like to do another “ restaurant event “ Hugs, Mary Ann


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