Mighty Catch-Up – Floods, Books, Clowns, TEDx
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Mighty Catch-Up – Floods, Books, Clowns, TEDx

I don’t know if you can see it in the photo, but the skin on the palm of my right hand is peeling. Like I’m some sort of shedding reptile. Weeeelllll. I just might be. With the seasonal change in weather and worry, so too comes a seasonal change to my skin, it seems. My hands … Continue reading

Guest Interview – Charis Cotter! Author of ‘The Painting’
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Guest Interview – Charis Cotter! Author of ‘The Painting’

  It’s book launch day for author Charis Cotter! Congratulations Charis, on this your TENTH published book, The Painting!  Charis and I met while preparing for a panel we were both on at Writers’ Union of Canada conference out east in St.John’s in Newfoundland. It was pretty much love-at-first-email, and we’ve been close friends since! … Continue reading


Mouth Piece Storytelling – Special ‘FLOOD’ Edition

So…we’ve been flooded. With water. With generosity. With love. Mouth Piece Storytelling is hosting a special storytelling event to honour all the incredible stories that are flowing out of this community-wide experience. Please join us on Thursday, September 21, 2017 at Villains Baestro to share your flood stories. Storytelling begins at 7:30pm. Special TOP THREE … Continue reading

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David Brydges – Gathering & Sharing Poetry

I’ve always believed that being a writer, a poet – being an artist of any kind – means that our art expands from our souls to the page to the canvas or brick wall – into the world where others can experience it. In doing so, in the sharing of our art, we can connect with … Continue reading

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Commaful – An On-line Writer’s Community at Your Fingertips!

*This is not a paid promotional piece. This is a sharing of and connecting you to Commaful!* The magic of the interwebs weaved a strand right into my inbox a few months ago, when the following subject line got my attention: “from a young dropout and poetry reader“! I was intrigued! Soon I was chatting … Continue reading

Happy Hiatus! On the Ebb and Flow of Change
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Happy Hiatus! On the Ebb and Flow of Change

HAPPY HIATUS!! Um, do I have anything in my teeth? Bahaaaaaa!! For years, I’ve been taking photos of myself with chunks of chocolate in my teeth. A friend suggested that I make a coffee table book. Ha! That’s actually a really great idea! I think this photo does a wonderful job of summing up this … Continue reading