Writing Resume



Owner – Gertrude’s Writing Room – A Gathering Place for Writers


Freelance Writer/Editor

• Offer editing/mentor-style services to writers

• Write non-fiction articles for various magazines

Poetry Editor – Literary Magazine

2015-2017 March – Poetry Editor for The Windsor Review

Blog – Personal


League of Canadian Poets – Blog – Column ‘The Writing Parent’


Producer, Suede Productions Inc.

• Office administration

• Casting

• Organizing film & television commercials, videos

Sept. 2013 – Sept. 2014 – Assistant to the Publisher, Black Moss Press

• Editing

• Liaising with authors

• Marketing & Promotions – posters, flyers, press releases, press kits

• Maintaining social media sites

• Scheduling and/or organizing literary events




2021 – thimble, poetry, Palimpsest Press

2020 – Words Gathered Volume 1 – Poetry & Prose Anthology, Co-Editor, A Beautiful Place Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9812569-6-2

2019 – From A to Ziffery Zanks, poetry (children’s), Illustrated by Glen Hawke, A Beautiful Place Publishing, ISBN 978-0-9812569-5-5

September 2017 – Because We Have All Lived Here – Poems Along the South Shore, Poetry Anthology, Editor: John B. Lee, Black Moss Press, ISBN 978-0-088753-584-o

September 2016 – Look At Her – Poetry – Black Moss Press, ISBN 978-0-088753-565-9

June 2016 – Poetry On Demand – Chimszuk Museum Edition, A Beautiful Place Publishing, ISBN:9780981256948 (Self-published)

January 2015 – Poetry On Demand Volume 3, Chapbook, A Beautiful Place Publishing, ISBN: 9780981256924 (Self-published), Poetry On Demand – Tall Ships Edition, Chapbook, A Beautiful Place Publishing, ISBN: 9780981256931

January 2014 – I Am That Woman, Poetry, Black Moss Press, ISBN 9780887535307

August 2013 – Poetry On Demand Volume 2, Chapbook, A Beautiful Place Publishing, ISBN 9780981256917 (Self-published)

April 2013 – Whisky Sour City, Poetry Anthology, Black Moss Press, ISBN 088753516X/978-0887535161

August 2012 – Poetry On Demand Volume 1, Chapbook, A Beautiful Place Publishing, ISBN 9780981256900 (Self-published)

April 2011 – Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy – A Memoir, Black Moss Press, ISBN 0887534821/978-0887534829



2018-2019 – Jan B. – Editing non-fiction/memoir, Gertrude’s Writing Room

June 2018 – Co-editor/Introduction – Feminism: Revisit, Revise, Revolutionize: A Two-Part Harmony, League of Canadian Poets, Feminist Caucus, Living Archives Chapbook, ISBN: 978-1-896216-43-0

January 2018 – Work-in-Progress Manuscript by Carol Casey – editor

2015-2017 March – Poetry Editor for The Windsor Review

Fall 2015 – Windsor Review – Guest Poetry Editor – ‘Borders’

July 2015 – Lesley Strutt, poetry

February 2015 – Unseen Realities, Fiction, Gordon Stallard

Poetry/Prose – For Fall 2014

The War Poems: Screaming At Heaven, Black Moss Press

The Way the Light Enters, Black Moss Press

Red Letter Day, Black Moss Press

Time of the Last Goal: Why Hockey Is Our Game, Black Moss Press Poetry – 2013

Book of Blue, Black Moss Press

Glass Beads, Black Moss Press

Blame It On The Moon, Black Moss Press



Personal Blog/Website


League of Canadian Poets

October 24, 2018 – Imagination -The Myths & The Magic


September 26, 2018 – Support System How-Tos


June 3, 2018 – The First Edit


April 21, 2018 – A Lesson on Patience


April 11, 2018 – The Twenty on Discipline, National Poetry Month

March 22, 2018 – On Food & Cooking


February 2018 – Writing Prompts for Families


December 2017 – Kids at Readings


November 2017


October 2017


June 2017


January 2017 – Illness, Kids and the Creative Process


December 2016 – Christmas Catch-Up


September 14, 2016 – The Financial Reality of Getting A Book Published


August 8, 2016 – The Unbreakable School Bond


July 12, 2016 – Book Review – A Housecoat Remains by Tina Biello


July 5, 2016 – The Truth About Travel


May 25, 2016 – Ask The Kids


March 16, 2016 – The Staggering Reality of Process Gone Mad


February 19, 2016 -Dancing the Duality


March 11,2 016 – League of Canadian Poets – The Jury’s In – Field Notes From a Jury Junkie


June 24, 2015,  Cede Poetry – On-line poetry magazine, Vol.1 No.1, pg.24-25

Various Other

November 2013 Offside E-zine, The Last Word, pg.17-18

November 2013 Offside –E-zine, Poetry, Visitation

August 2012 http://www.liberatingworkingmoms.com – The Business of Motherhood

2011-2013 The Windsor Star Newspaper/Post Media – ‘Mom Blog’ published 1-2 times a week


June 12, 2020 – Ode to Grass, Grown Lady Garments Nature & Environment Poetry contest/chapbook, pg. 22, Within Us Digital Chapbook

March 2020 – Penableme – Poetry contest winner, Part-Mermaid, on-line competition

December 2019 – Poetry In Voice Poetry prompt: https://www.poetryinvoice.com/write/writing-prompts/use-social-media-write-poetry

December 2019 – Polar Expressions Publishing – ‘|Or|’, Honourable Mention, Patterns A Collection of Canadian Poetry, ISBN:9781926925806, pg. 18.

October 2019 – The Bannister Poetry Anthology Volume 34, ‘dressmaker’s shears’, pg. 56, ISBN: 978192712715155

December 2018 – Polar Expressions Publishing – ‘thimbles and thread’, Third Place Winner, Lean In A Collection of Canadian Poetry, ISBN: 978-1-926925-68-4

December 2018 – The Windsor Review, 51.2, pg. 135-141, childhood suite III, we pressed together naked for the camera, when i bleed, It’s quite a label, i’m chasing gravity

August 2018 – Heartwood: Poems for the Love of Trees, Anthology, League of Canadian Poets, Editor – Lesley Strutt, One Percent, Ojibway Nature Centre, Windsor, ON, pg. 186

February 7, 2018 – Review of Cornelia Hoogland’s ‘Trailer Park Elegy’ – League of Canadian Poets St@nza

December 2017 – Let’s Fly Away – A New Collection of Canadian Poetry, Honourable Mention, Polar Expressions Publishing, pg. 21

December 2017 – By the River New Poetry and Prose from River Narrows, Urban Farmhouse Press, December 2017, Nights, pg. 58, Points, pg. 59.

April 2017 – NPM – A Celebration of Women, Angel House Press, http://www.NationalPoetryMonth.ca 2017: A Celebration of Women – April 18, 2017 – Skin

Verse Afire Jan. to April 2017 – For Barb, reprint from Poetry on Demand

Dec 2016 – Overture – A New Collection of Canadian Poetry, Polar Expressions Publishing, pg. 30, Winding Road

Oct 2016 – Erotic Haiku:  II., III., IV, Subterranean Blue Poetry

Sept 2016 – VerseAfire – Black & White Issue, white dress

May – Sept 2016 – Vol. 2 – Verse Afire, TOPS, Window (Reprint)

Jan. 2016 – Ultra-Short Poetry Anthology, Runner-Up – ‘Say AWE’, The Ontario Poetry Society

Jan.- April 2016 Vol. 1 – VerseAfire, Poem – Afternoon Showers, Pelee Island

October 2015 – Scattered Ecstasies, The Marrow and The Bone, Sho Art & Spirit

Sept – Dec. 2015 – VerseAfire, The Ontario Poetry Society, not without complaint (reprint)

August 2015 – Mind Shadows A Canadian Anthology of Poetry, The Ontario Poetry  Society, Beret Days Books, pg. 49 Watching You Sleep In the Early Morning, pg. 64, Kitchen Dancing

May- Aug 2015 – VerseAfire, The Ontario Poetry Society, Recurring Childhood Nightmere

June 24, 2015 – Cede Poetry, Apologies to Famous People, Vol.1, No.1, pg. 24-25

March 2015 – Windsor Review, Trees, pg. 56

January 2015 – Sparkle & Shine, Anthology, The Ontario Poetry Society, Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

December 2014 – The Warbler’s Song, Manhunt in Moncton, Collection of Canadian Poetry, pg.73 Polar Expressions Publishing

August 2014 Window Fishing- The Night We Caught BeatleMania – Second Catch, Second Edition, Imagine Camp

May 2014 VerseAfire, The Ontario Poetry Society

December 2013 Before the Frost, Canadian Poetry Anthology, 1415 Ellis Street East, pg.42, Polar Expressions Publishing

Fall 2013 Happenstance, Anthology, Something Lucky, pg. 33, Cranberry Tree Press

May 2013 Detours An Anthology of Poets from Windsor & Essex County, Palimpsest Press, The Kinda Girl, pg. 36

April 2013 Whisky Sour City, Black Moss Press, University Avenue Near Janette, pg. 60

December 2012 Harvest A Collection of New Canadian Poetry, Polar Expressions Publishing, Final Visitation, pg. 14 – HONOURABLE MENTION

October 2012 BFW Bound: Instant Anthology, BookFest Windsor, The Quiet Between Songs, pg. 14

September 2012 Scattered Ecstasies, Barry Brode, Alive in the White, pg.7-10

December 2011 The Calling A Collection of New Canadian Poetry, Polar Expressions Publishing, Writing with Hemingway – Le Select, Paris, pg. 61

February 2006 Uppercuts, Black Moss Press, Poem: Rounds, pg. 31


December 2019 – Honourable Mention, |Or|, Patterns A Collection of Canadian Poetry, ISBN:9781926925806, pg. 18.

December 2018 – Third Place Prize, thimbles and thread, Polar Expressions Publishing, Lean In A Collection of Canadian Poetry, ISBN: 978-1-926925-68-4

December 2017 – Honourable Mention, Prison Wine, Let’s Fly Away – A New Collection of Canadian Poetry, Polar Expression Publishing. pg. 21

January 2016 – Runner-Up, Say AWE, Ultra-Short Poetry Contest, The Ontario Poetry Society

September 2015 – Long-list, Cranberry Tree Press Chapbook Contest, Another Day Bows Down

September 2014 – Judge’s Choice – The Ontario Poetry Society – Sparkle & Shine Contest – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

July 2014 – Judge’s Choice – The Ontario Poetry Society ‘Arborealis Poetry Prize’ – A Mother Eats Alone In Her Car (Again)


October 2019 – ‘Fear and Courage in the Kitchen’, Exisle Publishing, ‘Fear and Courage, a collection of short stories’, pg. TBA

December 2018 – It’s Okay With Me, Polar Expressions Publishing, ‘The Way Through – A New Collection of Canadian Short Stories’, pg. TBA

December 2017 – The Stand – A New Collection of Canadian Short Stories, Polar Expressions Publishing, pg. 58 – The Beach

December 2016 – Shoreline – A New Collection of Canadian Short Stories, Polar Expressions Publishing, pg. 40 – The Skirt

December 2015 – Wherever We Roam A New Collection of Canadian Short Stories, Polar Expressions Publishing, pg. 151

May 2015 – ‘Prell’, part of performance at From Page to Stage event, Windsor, ON

December 2013 The Sun Shall Rise, A Collection of Canadian Short Stories, Polar Expressions Publishing, Fault, pg. 59

December 2012 Setting The Scene, A Collection of Canadian Short Stories, Polar Expressions Publishing, Baby Shoes, pg. 38

Spring 2012 The Windsor Review – Special Filth Issue, Vol. 45, No. 1, A Quickie, pg. 96

December 2011 Inkspots A Collection of Canadian Short Stories, Polar Expressions Publishing, Almost Home, pg.62

December 2010 Formation A Collection of Canadian Short Stories, Polar Expressions Publishing, Leaning Into It, pg. 86


June 2020 – PoetryNook – Book Review of The Dark, Soft Earth by Frank Watson


April 2020 – League of Canadian Poets St@nza, 17.1 – Book review of Salt Bride (Innana Publications, 2019)

October 2019 – Book Review, Canadian Poetry Review, Somewhere still in wind the tree is bending by Bob McKenzie, Silverbow Publishing, The Ontario Poetry Society

2016-2018 – League of Canadian Poets – Feminist Caucus Action Committee Chair – various articles published in ST@NZA newsletter (sent via email)

May – Sept 2016 Vol.2 – Poetry Book Review – Recurrence of Blue by Theresa Donnelly, VerseAfire, The Ontario Poetry Society

May – Sept 2016 Vol.2 – Poetry Book Review – fly float fall by Fran Figge, VerseAfire, The Ontario Poetry Society

Sept-Dec. Issue – 2015 – Poetry Book Review, Leave The Door Open For The Moon by Nan Williamson – VerseAfire, The Ontario Poetry Society

Various 2015 – Brick Books Celebration of Canadian Poetry for Marty Gervais, Giles Benaway

September 2014 Windsor Independent Magazine – Book Review of ‘I Was There The Night He Died’ by Ray Robertson, Vol. 2, Issue 6, pg. 8

September 2014 – Interview with Chris Hadfield, published on my blog

Spring 2014 Write, The Magazine of The Writers’ Union of Canada, Volume 41, pgs. 16-21. Some Great Decline: Everyone Loves Writers, So Why Can’t They Make a Living?

Fall 2013 Write, The Magazine of The Writers’ Union of Canada, Volume 40, Number 4, pg. 14-15, Beyond the Page: Crafting Our Writer Identities For Readings

Winter 2012 Write, The Magazine of The Writers’ Union of Canada, Volume 39, Number 3, pgs. 18-19 What Happens Now? Life After Your First Published Book

2007-2009 Living: The Windsor Star Magazine for Fine Lifestyle,


• Happy Days are Here to Stay A Q&A with Henry Winkler

• The Cos Way A Q&A with Bill Cosby

• On the Fringe; Munching with Robert Munsch

• Jason Byrne Works Magic A Q&A with Jason Byrne

• Cool Cats & Harps A Chat with Kelly Hoppe

• A Curtis Christmas (Interview with author Christopher Paul Curtis)

• Amy Rivard will Travel for Work, August 2003 REV Magazine, Concert Review Sam Roberts Band

• July/Aug 2001 The Journal of Addiction and Mental Health, Contributor Vol.4, Issue 1, Young Women Speak out About Depression


2012 Windsor Essex Pelee Island Official Visitor Guide Tourism Windsor Essex Pelee Island (TWEPI)


2012 Twelve Days of Christmas, Integrity Tool & Mold, Corporate Video Script, Suede Productions Inc.

Writing Conferences, Panels, Competitions & Retreats:

July 7 – July 14, 2018 – Humber School for Writers Summer Writing Workshop

June 9-11, 2017 – League of Canadian Poets – Feminist Caucus Panel Co-Chair

May 2017 – United Way – Women Leading the Way Celebrate Women Who Inspire Us – Keynote Speaker

April 2017 – Workshop – Celebrating Canadian Poetry, Budimir Library, NPM2017

March 10, 2017 – Women of Words Unite, Panelist, Windsor, ON

June 13 -19th, 2016 – Canadian Writers’ Summit – Panelist  Friday, June 17th – 4 pm – 6 pm  Making Our Own Solutions: The Writer as Cultural Agent Intro to Making Our Own Solutions by TWUC chair, Heather Menzies and UNEQ executive director Francis Farley-Chevrier

March 30, 2016 – 8th Annual Battle of the Bards – Competitor, Toronto, ON

March 11, 2015 – Write On! Rural – Panel with Daniel Wells (Biblioasis), Ray Robertson and Kara Smith – Writing & Publishing in Southwestern Ontario – Crazy 8 Barn, Palymyra

July 12, 2015 – Pelee Island Writing Workshop – ‘The Writer’s Process’

May 28-31, 2015 – OnWords Conference & AGM, Writers Union of Canada, Winnipeg, MB

February 27, 2015 – Writer’s Workshop, Crazy 8 Barn, Palmyra, ON with Marty Gervais, John B Lee, John Wing Jr

May 29 – June 1, 2014 OnWords Conference & AGM, Writers Union of Canada, Workshop presenter: The Art of Presenting: Reading & Performance

May 24-26, 2013 – Backspace Writers Conference, New York City, Participant

September 2010 – The Pelee Island Writing Retreat, Retreat Organizer, Guest Writers: Jane Christmas, Marty Gervais, Mary Ann Mulhern

October 2009 – Words on Water Writing Retreat, Retreat Organizer, Guest Writer: Marty Gervais

June/July 2008 – Vitteaux, France, Participant, Guest Writers: Marty Gervais, John B. Lee, Andy Wainwright

Distinct Accreditations:

August 2010 – Institute of Children’s Literature: Writing for Children and Teenagers – Diploma

Grants/Awards Received:

November 2019/March 2020 – Starter Company Plus Small Business Grant, Windsor Essex Small Business Centre,

November 2019- Recommenders Grants, Ontario Arts Council – Black Moss Press, Palimpsest Press

January/February 2018 – Recommenders’ Grants, Ontario Arts Council – Brick Books, Palimpsest Press, Kids Can Press

Fall 2016 – Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund, for ‘Mouth Piece Storytelling – Master Mouth Off Event’ – Recipient

Fall 2015 – Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund, for ‘Hangman – Book Two’ – Recipient

Summer 2015 – Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund, for ‘Mouth Piece Storytelling’ – Recipient

2014 – The Odyssey Award – University of Windsor Alumni Affairs

2008 – 2016 Writer’s Reserve, Ontario Arts Council

2010 Windsor Endowment for the Arts – Emerging Artist–Literary


•  Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund, City of Windsor, jury member – COVID Response micro-grant, jury member – 2020

•  Arts, Culture & Heritage Fund, City of Windsor, jury member – 2019

•  Action Committee, Chair, Feminist Caucus, League of Canadian Poets, 2017-2018

•  Peer Assessment, Writers’ Union of Canada, 2017-Present

•  Second Round Reader, Writers’ Union of Canada – Short Prose Competition, 2017

•  Jury Member, Manitoba Book Awards, 2017

•  Jury Member, Festivals & Reading Series, League of Canadian Poets, 2016

•  Second-Round Reader, Writers’ Union of Canada, Short-Prose Competition for Developing Writers (April 2016)

•  Jury Member, Pat Lowther Award, League of Canadian Poets (2015/16)

•  Writers’ Union of Canada, 22nd Annual Short Prose Competition, First-round reader

• Jean Foster Award, Literary Arts Windsor, Moderator/Judge

• Poetry In Voice, St.Joseph’s High School, 2013/2014/2015, Judge

• BookFest Windsor, Student Poetry Contest Moderator/Judge, 2012-2014

• Windsor Endowment for the Arts, Literary/Music, Juror

• The Writers’ Union of Canada, Writing for Children Competition, Reader

• Works-In-Progress, Ontario Arts Council, Juror


2014-2016 – BookFest Windsor, Literary Arts Windsor, Board Member

2012 – 2016 – BookFest Windsor, Moderator, Student Poetry Contest Awards

Creative Writing Teacher:

2006 – Present

The Writer’s Process – Creator

Adventures In Creative Writing – The Odyssey Project Creator

Memoir Part I – Unfolding Your Story – Creator

Memoir Part II – Unleashing Your Story


• The League of Canadian Poets

• The Writers Union of Canada

• Canadian Women in the Literary Arts (CWILA)

• The Ontario Poetry Society

• Literary Arts Windsor, Member/Volunteer

• BookFest Windsor, Volunteer/Moderator

Series Host:

Mouth Piece Storytelling – Creator/Host www.mouthpiecestories.com