Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy

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Dimensions:124 pages, 8 × 5 × 0.3 in
Published: April 2011
Publisher:Black Moss Press

ISBN – 10:0887534821

ISBN – 13:9780887534829

Laughing Through A Second Pregnancy  – A memoir is a collection of short, raw, honest, comical personal essays about being pregnant for the second time. It chronicles changes in the body, the mind and the soul as they compared to the first pregnancy.

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Reader Reviews:

“Vanessa Shields is a wise guide; a no-holds-barred gal who dishes about the stuff we all ponder but never have the guts to voice aloud. She jumps into taboo territory—from the serious to the sexy—sharing instantly relatable scenarios that allow you to relax about all those pre-, during-, and post-pregnancy changes that wallop body, mind, and spirit. This isn’t your mother’s pregnancy book: it’s modern, honest, very personal, and it sparkles with humour and love.”

– Jane Christmas, author of Incontinent on the Continent

“Vanessa Shields holds nothing back with her vivid, sometimes humorous, boldly honest account of her second pregnancy! She lays it all out, boobs, vagina, smells, discharges, sex, then and now!   This book is a must-read for every woman, pregnant or not!”

– Mary Ann Mulhern, author of Touch the Dead

“There is much postpartum jubilation when a first book is born, and there is much to celebrate with the publication of Vanessa Shields’ frank and often laugh out loud confessions concerning the birth of her second child. This book is not for the squeamish. But the beautiful truth rarely is. For me, reading this book is the closest I have ever come to lactating while I read.”

– John B. Lee, author of Dressed in Dead Uncles

“I love this book. Vanessa Shields has gone so deeply and honestly into her own experience that she has written a memoir that is universal in its relevance.  The book is both a praise-song to the female body, and a wise and deeply moving testament to living with an open heart. I hope it ends up in the hands of every pregnant couple in North America.”

– Marilyn Gear Pilling, author of The Life of the Four Stomachs