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The Guesser – #Hangman – Rewrite a go!

Tasks completed: Meditate. (10 minutes) Find most recent version of novel. GULP. (Took me a good twenty minutes.) Create new file for edited version. Print out current version of chapter one. Compare current version with new edited version. Write from the heart. WORD COUNT: 1478 (including new words and edited words!) TIME SPENT WRITING: 1.5… Continue reading The Guesser – #Hangman – Rewrite a go!

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Editor Laryssa Brooks talks books, words and the joy of editing

One of the best things about touring and participating in festivals and literary events is the people I meet...and, especially when I'm doing Poetry on Demand, the people I get to write poetry for! I met Editor Laryssa Brooks at a University of Windsor alumni event. Her sweet smile and patient demeanour totally caught my… Continue reading Editor Laryssa Brooks talks books, words and the joy of editing

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Success Story! ‘Unseen Realities’ E-Book Published on Amazon

I am just over-the-moon with this incredible success story! I've been mentoring/editing and revising a novel by local writer Gordon Stallard for the past several years. We met at one of my creative writing classes many years ago. About a year after the class, I got an email from Gordon telling me that he'd written… Continue reading Success Story! ‘Unseen Realities’ E-Book Published on Amazon

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New Poetry Book – Order & Title

And so the journey continues. We're at the part in the process where we lay each poem out and figure out where it belongs. I did this first at my house, which meant I had to clean off my dining room table. It is FOREVER a mess of papers, coloured pencils and markers, food crumbs,… Continue reading New Poetry Book – Order & Title