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I did a new moon meditation on Monday, December 14. It was a revelation. Meditating does that, reveals things, I know but this time it was different. This time, when I was led down the path of seeing dreams, of traveling anywhere in the world, of hearing a message, of reading a message...I saw what… Continue reading Reveals

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At this stage…#morningcoffeesessions

At this stage At this stage I enjoy the heavy dust-coated black velvet curtains hanging in the wings like wings how the shadows are less dense less ominous less horror film more musical drama At this stage I accept the empty dust-coated red velvet seats with cushions expanding softness under the feathery weight of closures… Continue reading At this stage…#morningcoffeesessions

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Videos & Lives! Creativity Abounds!

Here is a smattering of events and videos for your perusal. Some are time-sensitive. Tomorrow, Friday, June 12 is the last day to vote for awards for Windsor's first Youth Short Film Festival (Thank you Gemma and the City of Windsor ACHF grant!) filmmakers! The voting link is right underneath the video in the text… Continue reading Videos & Lives! Creativity Abounds!