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Haikus #morningcoffeesessions

This morning I had a hard time settling into a poem. I did a quick journal to gather my thoughts...and decided on writing a few haikus. I will read your veins As you absorb morning light Leaves are nature’s books Reach for the most light Falling from the blue jay’s beak Mourning dove witness Water… Continue reading Haikus #morningcoffeesessions

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New Poetry Published in Subterranean Blue Poetry

I've had some erotic haikus published in Subterranean Blue Poetry! Thank you to Rebecca Banks, poetry goddess, for publishing my sexy stuff! Mama loves to write erotica. It's true. Please click on the link below to experience Subterranean Blue Poetry! Subterranean Blue Poetry Presents! Volume IV, Issue X (October 2016). Featuring: Vanessa Shields, Richanda Turner,… Continue reading New Poetry Published in Subterranean Blue Poetry