How to fix a break

Writing a novel can take years. For most of us, it does take years. Especially when we're just beginning to navigate the wild world of fiction. Some of us get the hang of it right away. We get agents and books deals. Some of us take years to write a book then wait years to … Continue reading How to fix a break


Less than a week away – TEDX-CK!

  Do you ever do this? See a 'best-before' date on food and think about what you'll be doing on that date? You do?! So I was making the kid's lunches this morning and I noticed that the best-before date on the pita bread do-hickey was the date of my TedX-CK talk. My stomach immediately lurched into … Continue reading Less than a week away – TEDX-CK!

Post-Blitz Blog & How-To (If you’re so inspired!)

Ah, the writing blitz. Everyone.... IT WAS incredible difficult freeing quiet necessary exhausting important numbing peaceful Here's how I made it happen. SCHEDULING & CHILDCARE I had a conversation with the hubby about the possibility of me taking a weekend (or two days and one sleep) 'away' so I could work on revisions for my … Continue reading Post-Blitz Blog & How-To (If you’re so inspired!)

The Gift of Revision Blitz

 As my hiatus continues, I've been reading and writing probably triple the amount that I've done in the past year. I'm reading books that have been on my shelf for years and experiencing the bliss of 'timing' when taking in their stories. Some books I'd started reading previously but couldn't get into them. Now, I'm diving … Continue reading The Gift of Revision Blitz

The Guesser – #Hangman – Rewrite a go!

Tasks completed: Meditate. (10 minutes) Find most recent version of novel. GULP. (Took me a good twenty minutes.) Create new file for edited version. Print out current version of chapter one. Compare current version with new edited version. Write from the heart. WORD COUNT: 1478 (including new words and edited words!) TIME SPENT WRITING: 1.5 … Continue reading The Guesser – #Hangman – Rewrite a go!

Back to it – #TheGuesser #Hangman

I'm reverting. Reverting back to writing because I love it. Because it makes me feel alive. Because I have a story to tell. I kinda lost this soul-connection over the last year. I wrote a lot in 2016 - indeed! I feel proud of the writing, but there was always gobbledeegoop mixed up in the 'where'. In … Continue reading Back to it – #TheGuesser #Hangman