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Poem 32 – Ode to George Elliott Clarke’s Mouth

Ode to George Elliott Clarke’s Mouth When he took the stage in the atelierit was an assaultthe air heaved toward himrendering me breathlessmy spin reconfigured in attention a vertebrae salutethe space became a sanctuarya long mantis finger pushed up his glassesand.then.he.quaked Head leaned backforehead glistening with sweatcheeks puffed proud like mountainslips, oh lips! peeling back in revelationspit,… Continue reading Poem 32 – Ode to George Elliott Clarke’s Mouth

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Less than a week away – TEDX-CK!

  Do you ever do this? See a 'best-before' date on food and think about what you'll be doing on that date? You do?! So I was making the kid's lunches this morning and I noticed that the best-before date on the pita bread do-hickey was the date of my TedX-CK talk. My stomach immediately lurched into… Continue reading Less than a week away – TEDX-CK!