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The Gift of Revision Blitz

 As my hiatus continues, I've been reading and writing probably triple the amount that I've done in the past year. I'm reading books that have been on my shelf for years and experiencing the bliss of 'timing' when taking in their stories. Some books I'd started reading previously but couldn't get into them. Now, I'm diving… Continue reading The Gift of Revision Blitz

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The Guesser – #Hangman – Rewrite a go!

Tasks completed: Meditate. (10 minutes) Find most recent version of novel. GULP. (Took me a good twenty minutes.) Create new file for edited version. Print out current version of chapter one. Compare current version with new edited version. Write from the heart. WORD COUNT: 1478 (including new words and edited words!) TIME SPENT WRITING: 1.5… Continue reading The Guesser – #Hangman – Rewrite a go!