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Poem 149 – baby born

baby born new birth explosionwind is wild celebrationnature speaks our love Thank you! Thank you everyone for the *amazing* birthday wishes for Jett and I! Your love, generosity and joy has overflowed into today...and tomorrow for sure! We are grateful for our family and friends. Love is real and true and beautiful! Thank you!

On Writing

Poem 121 – Thank you

Thank you the exchangesthe give & takethe thank you & you’re welcomebricks that build bridges between bodies over time & spacerubber boots throughtear-thickened marshes of griefa handkerchief as big as the world gratefulness is a languagewe all understanddevastatingly necessarylasting like love’s chorus ...floating on the love....grateful...saying thank you...and holding this experience in my heart...

On Writing

Poem 104 – Grand disaster & Thimbles Updates

Grand disaster learning how to fold into thespaces between words isthe deconstruction of ego I put on my pretty yellow dresswith the white stripes & spaghetti strapsready for the heat of undoingthese shoulders hold heaps of thoughtsas constant as the sun I want to eat the darkness between the rays where I’m going it’s all… Continue reading Poem 104 – Grand disaster & Thimbles Updates

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The Look At Her Book Launch,Tour, Life Mega Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who helped make LOOK AT HER a grand adventure!  Look at you all - being fantastic! I couldn't have done it without you...those I name and those who showed up to the readings and events who I don't know but am grateful to as well!  Nick Jett Miller Oscar Christopher Lawrence Menard… Continue reading The Look At Her Book Launch,Tour, Life Mega Thank You!