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Solstice Poem

the constant dazzle of stars reminds us how to honour –     the black sky      the patient moon     the gathering of light so it can restthe day with the shortest light is the day with the thickest hopeas we fold into the knowing of the nightchristmas can be found in every evening's arch toward morning's neck… Continue reading Solstice Poem

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Family Day Writing Fun! w/ LCP

Happy Family Day Weekend!  I've written a blog for the League of Canadian Poets with some fun writing ideas for you and your family to try on the upcoming holiday! Or any day...for that matter! Enjoy! WRITING PROMPTS - The Writing Parent Blog SENDING LOVE FROM OUR FAMILY TO YOURS! 

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Wounded Writers Ask: Free Write #1 – My Real Name is…

A writer and woman I love and admire, Ms. Rebecca Leigh, teaches literacy (she's a doctor - P.H.D., baby) and she wrote this incredible book for writers called Wounded Writers Ask: Am I Doing It Write. She recently created a beautiful, intuitive and inspiring website Wounded Writers Ask that offers info about her as well as the on-line… Continue reading Wounded Writers Ask: Free Write #1 – My Real Name is…