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When Stooping to Secure it – Writing Prompts

Because what is the joy if you go alone (from Osho ‘Courage’) Joy is wild part adventure part starlight part peace she needs to expand like breath to be soft like single tears to be hard like torrential rain Joy glistens content that in the shade of learning is the thicket of alone necessary but… Continue reading When Stooping to Secure it – Writing Prompts

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Dream, Book, Moon

I just googled 'bats' thinking I'd put an image of a bat here because I had wild dreams about bats last week. As soon as I saw a photo of a bat in flight, it occurred to me that bats are a hot subject these days. That it is from a bat, some say, that… Continue reading Dream, Book, Moon

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Woo! Woo! For The Woo-Woo – Interview with Lindsay Wong

Meet writer Lindsay Wong. I've spent hours with Lindsay and her unbelievable, heart-felt, soul-full words – that is, reading her 316-page memoir entitled The Woo Woo How I Survived Ice Hockey, Drug Raids, Demons, and My Crazy Chinese Family (Arsenal Pulp Press, 2018). Memoirists are high up on my 'amazing people' list, if you must… Continue reading Woo! Woo! For The Woo-Woo – Interview with Lindsay Wong

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#morningcoffeesessions with Firefly Creative Writing

DAY 1 - #morningcoffeesessions I've joined a writer's group through the fabulous Firefly Creative Writing. I've always dreamed of participating in writing with the Firefly family. Apparently, it takes a pandemic to get me there. So be it. There were over 140 of us from near and far, coffee or tea or water nearby, paper… Continue reading #morningcoffeesessions with Firefly Creative Writing