On Writing

NaNoWriMo – Day 3 – Word Count today: 2046 – Total: 4373


My alarm went off at 5:45am this morning. It was a soft harp sound, gently waking me from a deep sleep. A real sleep. I haven’t slept so deeply in weeks. 

I realized something important: alarms work. I usually find myself waking up every hour on the hour from 4am on, letting my body jolt me awake. Do you know how good it feels to let something else be responsible for waking me?! I let myself trust the harp, and she was good to me. 

I hit snooze three times. No biggie. By the fourth harp strings I was mentally ready to get up. My body followed suit. I put on my house coat. Peed then headed down to my office. 

I was writing by 6:07am. 

I had to stop to go number two at 7:10am. 

Where did the hour go? Honestly. It melted into the lives of my characters. Did you know Aunt Millie is a baker? Did you know Alex has a soft spot? Me either! Oh, how my characters showed me so many different sides of themselves this morning. 

I wrote 2046 words in just over an hour. 

My total word count is 4373. Ooooo. It feels so good. 

I don’t want to stop writing but the rest of my life is calling me. 

And, I’m much better prepared to heed her call when I’ve barfed out 2046 words into my novel. 

Ahhhh. I can breathe. 

Thank you, alarm. Sweet beautiful harp. 

Thank you, NaNoWriMo.