On Writing

On the same page…Ha. Had to…A message for NaNoWriMo-ers…

From the Office of Letters and Light – the folks who keep NaNoWriMo alive and passionate…


Please read this message: 



Funny. My blog this morning was about this exactly. I’m on the same proverbial page. The ‘my-novel-thinks-he-can-stop-me’ page. I won’t give it light. I won’t succumb! INSERT: CRITIC everytime you see ‘NOVEL’….

Critic: Why, Vanessa, why are you doing this? 

Vanessa: I have to. I’m a writer.

Critic: A tired writer.

Vanessa: Is there any other kind?

Critic: Good ones. 

Vanessa: Pashaw. I’m out. Shutting you down. 

Critic: mmmbpghtkhlhjsdfdkhkl.

Vanessa: Exactly.