On Writing

NaNoWriMo – Day 17 – Word count: 1931 Total: 24,179


I did my writing differenlty yesterday. I didn’t get up in the morning to write. I slept in. I needed it, my body and my mind.

I got home from an art show opening at SB Contemporary to an almost sleeping house. I grabbed my hubby’s laptop that was hiding under our bed, and pulled it up onto the bed with me. I had emailed myself my novel thinking that I would have time to work on it while I was at work. That didn’t happen, but the novel was still accessible via email. I downloaded it onto the laptop.

I looked at the last few sentences I wrote, and jumped back into the story. I had to stop to help my hubby finish bedtime with the kids, but when I got back to bed, I was still raring to write. So I wrote. I wrote over 1900 words.

I stopped just after 11pm when my hubby shuffled into our room. We decided against watching an episode of Mad Men.

It felt good to write in a different location. On a different computer. It felt good to close the laptop, lay it on the floor and go right to sleep.

I slept well. I think I had bad dreams in the morning but I don’t remember the details. Oh, yes, I do! I dreamt I was at a party in this dark, dirty house. I fell asleep on a couch and while I was sleeping someone stole my wallet. I was pissed.I’m glad it was just a dream.

Almost at 25,000 words.

Got another rejection letter in the mail.

I’ll feel better when I hit 25,000.