On Writing

NaNoWriMo Day 25 -Word Count: 1949 Total: 35,690


Another night of writing abandon into the late hours of the night. It was after ten when I started writing. I wrote until just before midnight. I had to stop because my eyes were closing and I started to feel nauseous (man, that’s a tough word to spell) but not before I got it.

Wait for it. Wait for it.

A MAJOR PLOT POINT FELL OUT OF MY HEAD…Oh, it was miraculous. As my fingers tap, tap, tapped the keys and the words flew, flew, flew out of my mind…the plot thickened like cheese wiz.

It’s about my MC’s brother. BIG NEWS. And her boyfriend, Tom, HE KNOWS.

Just five days left.

Can I reach 50,000?

How many is that left?


How many is that a day?

2862.  Yikes. That’s a lot.

One day at a time….

How is it going for you?