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What the Writers are saying about Memoir Part 1 – Unfolding Your Story

For the past eight Tuesdays (give or take two!), myself and four outstanding women writers gathered to unfold our stories. It truly was an incredible journey that I think I can safely say, changed our writing lives. Writing memoir is a daunting task. It takes a brave soul to unearth the past and share it open-heartedly. We did this every week.

I’d like to say thank you from the bottom of my super-sized heart to Karen, Jodi, Jan and Denise for taking this journey with me, for being courageous, empowered and passionate women who inspire me deeply. I look forward to sharing the written word with you as often as possible!

Here’s what they had to say about Memoir Part I – Unfolding Your Story

I am so grateful for the work we did in the Memoir workshop! It has helped me tremendously to understand memoirs and to formulate ideas on how I might shape my own.


I have been able to work through an amazing amount of it so far, both technical and emotional) which clears the way for the core writing part.


Thanks for your loving support, and for all you do!


:0) Karen

Taking part in the class Memoir Part 1 – Unfolding Your Story really taught me a lot about how to bring forth those memories that have been put away for so long. Vanessa created an atmosphere filled with trust, compassion, honesty and support. I have never been in a class before where after the very first class I felt incredibly comfortable and close to all of my classmates. It was easy to come to class each week and express whatever it was that we were feeling or whatever it was that we discovered since we last left the class. The support and encouragement from each other really helped me to continue on during a moments of weakness. I look forward to discovering what is in store for Part 2.