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Celebrate Writers Through Random Acts of Kindness – late but still worth the celebration!


Kindness is POWERFUL. Even the smallest gesture can fuel a person and keep them going.


All over the blogosphere today, you’ll see Random Acts of Kindness toward Writers.These are by people who want to share their appreciation for those who have helped or supported them at some point along the Writing Path.

From The Bookshelf Muse, Angela Ackerman


Although this week of celebraing writers through random acts of kindness has ‘officially’ come and gone, I simply must write a blog about it – and, of course, celebrate the writers in my life who fill my heart with inspiration and my pages with words. 

Ackerman asks:

How many of these people do YOU rely on?  

  • Critique Partners, who spend hours showing us how to make our work gleam
  • Writing Groups, who cheers us on 
  • Writing Friends, who listen, support & and be our rock when we have doubts
  • Authors and Illustrators, who inspire us through their books and art
  • Book bloggers & Librarians, who open our minds to incredible books we might not have otherwise read
  • Blog Visitors & Readers, who spend time with us, sharing their thoughts, ideas and opinions
  • Industry Professionals (Agents, Editors, Copy editors, etc.)  who help us to improve our writing and succeed

I tell you, I celebrate them all. On a daily basis, my inbox fills with thought-provoking blogs from writers and agents, authors and readers leaving comments that burst my heart open, and my friends that are writers (who are also AMAZING HUMAN BEINGS) who challenge me and pick me up out of the rejection darkness and mean reds and keep me writing.

I celebrate you all! And I’d like to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful I am that you all continue to be BRAVE expressers of the written word.

In no particular order (or where everyone is NUMBER ONE):

Nick, Christopher, Marty, Danica, Jess, Janine, Dee, D, Mom, Nonni, Rita, Brenda, Jett, Miller, Karen, Penny-Anne, Mo, Jan, Anne Marie, Mary Ann, Terri-Ann, Jane, Helen, Rachel, Gordon, Kelly, Heather, Dom, Mitch, Kevin, Susan, Ann Marie, Lisa, Mary S, Kate, Bob, Lenore, Di, Kahlil, Stephen, Judy, John, John, Paul, Charlotte, Ernest, William, Virginia, Craig, Toni, Shirley, Greg, Greg, Marie, Amanda, Lauren, Alice, Harriet, Richard….and on and on and on and on…If your name is not up here…and you think it should be – please know in your heart I celebrate you! (It’s harder than I thought to make a list of all the writing folks in my life I celebrate!)

What writers do you celebrate? Tell them.

Happy writing. Happy reading.


2 thoughts on “Celebrate Writers Through Random Acts of Kindness – late but still worth the celebration!

  1. And so many celebrate YOU and your kindness every day! Right now I’m in a lovely cycle of synchronicity, and you’re a big part of it. A few weeks ago, I bought Rilke’s Book of Hours (and I’m LOVING it!) and noticed that one of the translators mentioned she had practiced meditation for years. Then I received your gift, Writing Down the Bones, and again Natalie mentioned she’d practiced Zen meditation for over 30 years and encouraged her readers to make writing their meditation. Then a little pamphlet fell out of the book describing other books by the same publisher and what did I see but the face of Mary Magdalene on Cynthia Bourgeault’s powerful book on Mary, one of the first books I read (twice) early in my research and which I just happened to mention on my FB page the day before! To top it off Cynthia is the founder of a meditation society in BC! And round and round we go! Thanks so much Vanessa for being a part of this lovely circle, and a part of my life!


  2. Thanks, Penny-Anne! The cycle is divine! So happy to be a part of it. So happy and so THANKFUL. Thinking of you…


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