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Margaritas and Guacamole with a Famous Blogger!

Last night, I had the distinct pleasure of participating in the Life With a Baby panel discussion on the topic of ‘Transitioning Back to Work after Maternity Leave’ at Bump Maternity. I shared the panel with Alicia Higgison. Yes, the Alicia Higgison, creator and writer of Life With Ladies – an amazing, highly recognized, award-winning (named one of Canada’s Top 10 Mom Blogs of 2012) blog. OMG. I was nervous and excited to meet this star of the internet.

But her sassy wine-red heels, and red and white polka dot jacket eased my worries. She’s as cool as she looks, and after our hug (forget handshakes, peeps, this gal is a hugger), I knew we’d be sticking around to talk shop post-panel.

I shake my head. Do you think I remembered to take out my phone and snap a pic?! No!! Perhaps it was the sweet booze in the strawberry margarita I sipped during our hour long conversation that kept my mind away from photos…or the garlic gently dancing on my tongue from the fresh guacamole we scooped with warm tortilla chips (Thank you, Walkermole!), the point is, we weren’t snapping pics. We were talking.

Serious. Open-hearted. Honest. Mom-to-mom. Blogger-to-blogger. Talking. It was awesome, yo!!! We talked about blogging, wherein I grilled her about her amazing blog, how she manages to write so religiously, how her stats were panning out, and how it felt to be named one of Canada’s top ten mom bloggers. GAH! As our cheeks reddened with passion, we shared funny mom stories, and agreed that we both need to work on remembering to hand out our business cards – which we did at the end of our meal to our server! Go us!!

I have to say, I was completely inspired by this witty, honest mother of three WHO LIVES IN WINDSOR. Seriously. It felt amazing to know that there are mom bloggers in this city that write like wildfires – from the heart and with a consistency that makes me…ahem…envious.

Here she is posing in the bathroom at work. Click here to get the skinny on her bathroom fashion show.

So there you have it. Two writers have come together to sip margaritas and talk mothering, writing, blogging, b’ness, and other things I cannot repeat. 🙂

Thanks, Alicia! I look very forward to hangin’ out again. Soon please.

One thought on “Margaritas and Guacamole with a Famous Blogger!

  1. Oh my…the flattery. This is just so lovely & thank you so, so SO much. I don’t deserve it, but I’ll take it anyway:)
    Famous blogger- bwahahahaha! I love to blog and I love that you love to read it and that feeds my writer heart with so much love and praise and thank you! It was really so great to meet you, be part of the panel and then to have such a real connection at Walkermole. So lovely.
    You’re lovely. It was lovely. Mad love for it all. It’s a must repeat:)


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