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Giddy Up! A date at the Lazee G Ranch.

Miller and I spent the afternoon at Lazee G Ranch this past Sunday. They had a ‘Showdeo’. I just love the name! The folks at Lazee G sure know how to put on great show! Lazee G Ranch is the home of the Silver Stars Precision Drill Team is a group of young equestrian riders who offer a unique form of entertainment I’d never seen before. It was synchronized dancing with horses! To the beats of various music, the girls maneuvered their horses in and out of various formations. They even wore costumes and did a bit of theatrical fun.

Miller was thrilled to be able to ride a pony and small horse. She went THREE TIMES, and would have gone more if they would have let her. Turns out she has a thing for horses. Me too! I foresee a not-too-distant future where she and I get cowboy hats and boots and mosey on down to the ranch for lessons.

Here are some pics from our day together:

You’ll notice that Miller rode on two different horses. She had such a blast. Me too.

For more information about Lazee G Ranch, click here.

One thought on “Giddy Up! A date at the Lazee G Ranch.

  1. I am raider at Lazee g ranch. I just live it there! It’s so cute and friendly! I like their donkeys and their chickens and the pig named chocolate and the dog! And of course I adore the horses!

    Claire Towns, Lazee v ranch rider since 2011. Yee-Haa!


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