On Writing

Blog Update ALERT!!! Come, subscribe, be happy!!

Ladies and gentlemen of the court,

I humbly bow to you. Because my devotion to you has finally been reflected in the updates on my blog!!

You can now:

  • SUBSCRIBE! That’s right, by simply clicking on the ‘subscribe’ icon, you can get every post I publish directly into your ‘inbox’. Oh, yeah. I’ll fill you up. (Ahem. Did I go too far with that one?)
  • GO DIRECTLY TO THE WINDSOR STAR parenting blog I write.

There have been minor changes to the look and feel of my whole site in an effort to make your stay more intuitive and user friendly.

I’ve cleaned up my messy glob of tags. I’ve added a What I Write About Section. I’m still dealing with the MASSIVE ‘uncategorized’ posts…Hey, it started in the 600s…I’m half-way home!

I do hope you take advantage of these changes. Cuz they’re all for y’all.

I could not have done any of this without the patient and talented help of Sir Toby, from Accent Media.

Be sure to tell everyone you know about these changes. No pressure. Well, maybe a little.

Thank you, Toby!!!

Thank you, trusted readers!

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