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Subscribe and WIN ‘ON WRITING’ by Stephen King – FOR FREE!

It’s time for another FREE BOOK GIVEAWAY! I will be giving away, On Writing by Stephen King. It’s one of my favourite books about the craft of writing by one of the greatest writers of our time. King’s insights and lessons into the craft of writing are honest, inspiring and motivational. Not to mention, he tells you all about how he began writing and how he learned to create the best writing processes for himself as he became one of the top-selling writers ever.

All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE to my blog by clicking on the ‘subscribe’ option. This means you’ll be emailed with my latest blog post as it’s posted. Woohoo! Me loves technology!

The first FIVE subscribers will be entered to win the book – FOR FREE!

I’ll post the five subscribers, put the names in a hat, and pull a WINNER!

Now, don’t all subscribe at once…wait…do, please do!!


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