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From the Library of…

If  you’re like me and you love books (like actual hold-in-your-hands-with-covers-and-pages-you-can-flip-and-smell-books), then you likely have a grand selection in your home that you’ve collected. And if you’re really like me, you share these books with friends and family because you love them (the friends, family and books!) and want them to experience what you’ve read too. If so, how do you keep track of the books you give out?

Here’s some of my book collection:

Do you have a home-library sharing database? Do you have one of those books that helps you list all the books you have, and when someone borrows one you fill out the book? I wish I had the time and patience to have one of those books!

Instead, I have this:

A personalized home library rubber stamp, hand-crafted and mailed to me from The Future Primitive. I found out about the classy cool designer, Jessica Define from The Future Primitive, in one of the home magazines I was reading. I think it was Country Living.

Here’s what it looks like in a book:

I love that it’s hand-crafted.

I love that it’s personalized. I even got a lovely hand-written note from Jessica in the package! Too sweet!

I love that I got it in a fun package in my mailbox.

I love that it will last forever (so long as I have ink).

I love that when the books from my library get passed around people will know where they came from…whether we get the books back or not (the great ones usually never return).

How do you label your home-library books? Are you a sharer? Or a library user?

2 thoughts on “From the Library of…

  1. Thank you for the mention, Vanessa! I am so happy to hear you love your stamp and will reciprocate the favor by reading your book (once I get to babies no.1 & 2, respectively!) You are so kind and I appreciate the post. Best, Jessica


    1. But of course! I love our new stamp! If you have trouble ordering the book…let me know. I can just as well mail you one on the morrow! Perhaps we can do an exchange?! Thanks!


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