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And the Winner Is…!

And the winner of the gold writing journal is:


For her delightful, insightful and honestly beautiful answer to the question of ‘bring vs. take’. Hers is the best answer. EVER.

Here is her answer:

Hi Vanessa:
this is the first time I have written anything where I had to think about things other than the death of our son. It’s probably not what you are looking for but I thank you for channeling my thoughts in another direction.
as always,
When I think of the word bring and take I go to the dictionary and start writing:
You are right. When you carried your black bag with all of its contents you carried it around to bring about your desired accomplishments. If you left the bag, lowered it to the floor, it would suggest to you your disinterest so you fetched it off of the floor whenever possible, and began to mentally encourage yourself to accomplish finishing your book to launch on the market. You revived your writing and your senses were nutured.
to bring: bear, carry, convey
to bring about: to accomplish
to bring down: lower, decrease
to bring forward: introduce, suggest
to bring in: yield, fetch, produce
to bring off: achieve, accomplish
to bring on: encourage
to bring out: launch on to the market
to bring round: revive
to bring up: raise, nuture
Vanessa: when I think of take:
I see you grasping your black bag, to remind yourself to copy down in verse your latest thoughts. But then you objectes to you usual habits and withdrew from your routine. You put down your bag. You made yourself comprehend what you are trying to achieve. You had to force yourself to become detached from your black bag. So you enlist all of your powers to extract yourself from carrying your black bag. You have forced yourself to assume this responsibility. So you begin your day. You pick up your keys, your purse and your idea book as you depart out your front door.
to take: grasp
to take after: to favour, to copy
to take against: object to
to take back: withdraw, recant
to take down: put down
to take in: comprehend
to take off: detach
to take on: enlist, engage
to take out: extract
to take over: assume responsibility for
to take start, begin
to take: up: pick up
to take off: departure

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