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Upcoming Writing Contests

May is a hot month for contest deadlines. Here are few that have come into my inbox in the last few weeks:

82nd Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition – Deadline May 6

Writer’s Digest has been having this contest for over 80 years! It’s a great website for those interested in all kinds of writing classes, competitions and general information.

CBC Literary Prizes/Canada Writes – Poetry Competition – Deadline May 1st

CBC has been hosting literary awards for years. It’s highly competitive, but a great place to read stellar writing – including your own when you win!

Malahat Review – Far Horizons Short Fiction Award – Deadline May 1st

If short stories are more up your writing alley, you may want to submit to this contest.

All of these contests cost money to enter, but the prizes are quite lucrative. And, if nothing else, you’ll get practice submitting, be connected to all three literary sites, and have the possibility of winning!

Here is a link to a cool thing that Canada Writes is also doing called Hyperlocal.

Hyperlocal allows you to share stories about where you live – and plots it on a map! Check it out!

What writing contests to you enter? What literary magazines to you submit to?


5 thoughts on “Upcoming Writing Contests

  1. Thanks for posting these!
    One of my favs. just ended. The 48 hour CV2 poetry contest always a weekend the beginning of April.
    You register ($12) and at midnight there are 10 words that appear in your email and you have 48 hours
    to write a poem. There is a countdown clock and encouraging words. It’s a lot of fun. Several of my
    writing friends and I enter it every year and then we get together later and read our entries.
    I always enjoy reading your blog. Happy writing!


    1. Dorothy, I saw this earlier this year…but was chicken to participate! If I hear about it again next year – I’ll do it! We should do it together! Over tea in your new kitchen!!


    1. Didn’t make any of these deadlines! Gah! Working on other things!!! Thanks for reading! Hugs to you!!!


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