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Pre-Launch Process

This is me today.

A pre-book launch, mad-haired woman half freaking out, one quarter worried, one quarter excited. *Can you see my lions?! These are the fly-away hairs that circumference my face like they’re laughing at me. GAH! I look like I stuck my finger in a socket. I didn’t.

Mama needs a hair-dye and cut (booked on Tuesday), an eyebrow wax (also slated for Tuesday), and some meditation magic before Thursday arrives, let me tell ya.

I always get this way before a big event I’m taking part in. And this is biggie for me! My first book of poetry is officially launching (meaning – there’s a reading and a book signing with sales)! Myself and two other Black Moss Press writers, John B Lee and April Bulmer will be celebrating our newest publications this week. Gah. I’ve been planning the event for over a month now. And I want it to be fun, interactive and inspiring for all who attend.

Right now, I’m all ‘must-make-mega-list’…

Sitting at the dining room table making lists of things I have to do each day from tomorrow until the launch – and then the day of the launch. It’s the only way, really. The only way I will remember everything I have to do! And the only way I can breathe knowing that I can take each day and each list one item, one breath at a time.

I’m not sure what I’m going to wear yet, but I will. And I don’t have my hosting-with-the most(ing) cue cards done yet, but I will.

Right now, my hair mirrors my insides: all crazy and anxious.

All part of the process.

Come launch night, I’ll have my game on. I’ll be wearing my money suit. And we’re gonna have a helluva poetry party.

Ya got that?

PS. Yes I did post that photo of myself freaking out. Yes, yes I did. 🙂

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