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Real Moms Dance & Sing While They Do Laundry

I love to sing. I love to dance. Did you know this about me? Now you know.

I don’t dance nearly as often as I used to (at least twice a week at The Loop), and I’ve never really belted it for mass audiences (except when I forced my family and friends to listen to me sing a concert I held when I turned 30). I tend to keep this madness confined to my house…which I was doing whilst folding laundry.

Enter The Hubby. Enter his iPhone. Enter – his finger hitting record.

Enter….oh no he dit-int!

Yes. He did.

Because I want to be as transparent as possible. Because I don’t mind embarrassing myself over and over again. Because I know we *ALL* do this in the privacy of our own home. And because…well, maybe Ellen Degeneres will see it and invite me on her show – the first ‘poet-dancer-singer-laundress-mom’ she’ll have on…I’m sharing it with you.

Mind the terrible videotaping…it’s sideways because The Hubby was trying to be sneaky. *TRYING*

In the end, I tell him to stop because I know his dirty tricks and because I’ve peed my pants from laughing so hard. No joke. Have you met my broken vagina? Well, she’s pee-leased to meet you.

Make this viral. See if I care.

And moms – keep on shakin’ and singin’ it while you work! Laundry will never end – might as well make a concert out of it.

(I owe my dancing prowess to ‘Star Search’, ‘American Bandstand’, ‘Soul Train’ and ‘Dance Fever’ – the first and BEST reality TV dance shows.)

Real Moms Sing And Dance While Folding Laundry


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