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And the Winner is! Winner of a Signed Copy of Hadfield’s ‘You Are Here’! Announced!

An out-of-this-world thank you to all those who read my blog about my interview with Chris Hadfield, and also to those who answered my contest question:

Tell me the first book you remember reading that changed your life in some way. Give me the title and a line or two about how it affected your life! 


Penny-Anne wins this book! And it’s signed by Chris Hadfield!

Here is her answer:

Awesome interview, Vanessa! You had an absolutely out of this world guest, (did I really just say that?! forgive me, moment of weakness), but your questions were delightful too, warm, human, engaging but never intrusive. So well done, my dear! Perhaps the first book to leave a mark on me in my youth was Jane Eyre. This was where I learned some disturbing truths – that the innocent suffer and loss is unavoidable, but in spite of it all, love does find a way. Not a bad start to my literary education. 

Other books that people said changed their lives included Flowers In The Attic by V.C. Andrews and Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

Thank you again for reading my blog and participating in my giveaways. It’s the least I can do!

And coming up…my face-to-face interview with Chris Hadfield! What an incredible experience it was!

2 thoughts on “And the Winner is! Winner of a Signed Copy of Hadfield’s ‘You Are Here’! Announced!

  1. I won? I won! Woo hoo! Most excellent! Thanks Vanessa! Can’t wait to read it! I just love free books and I just love YOU!


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