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Notes/Books Reading a “Moving” Success!

On Sunday, April 12, 2015 we were received by close to 60 audience members…aka poetry and music appreciators, at The Art Gallery of Windsor to celebrate National Poetry Month for our Notes/Books reading and musical extravaganza.

The Rodzik Gallery, a space illuminated by outdoor light and riverfront action, was the perfect location for the event – bringing the gorgeous weather into the room so we didn’t feel like we were missing it!

Kate Hargreaves, Priscilla Bernauer, Gillian Cott, Melanie Janisse-Barlow and my self read poetry and prose while musician Crissi Cochrane serenaded us with original music.

The responses to the event keeps rolling in: “moving”, “inspiring”, “touching”, “beautiful”, “amazing”…are just some of the words being used to describe the event.

The word I like to use is magic…One of my favourite feelings whilst participating in a poetry event is that feeling of being swept up, of being completely immersed, of being moved on a soul-level. And I totally felt this during the event. Each poet had such a distinct voice and unique style, it was like flavours in an ice cream parlour. And the topping was Crissi Cochrane!

As well, one major attribute that was clearly on display by all presenters was BRAVERY. I don’t think we talk enough about this as poets or writers or musicians or any performance artist. It takes balls, hutzpah, moxie, bravery to write from your heart and soul, and then to take the next step of performing it to a crowd of people you know and/or don’t know. I think each of us who participated wrote about things that were dear to us on some level – whether it was how our body breaks and pusses or how our heart breaks and reconnects or how grief is not measurable by time or space or how our history is charted across borders and in waters and in our connectedness. It was a true honour to share the stage with these amazing women.

I think about ‘community’ every day. I think about how I can participate in the culture and life-blood of Windsor/Essex/Pelee Island, and what I can do to enrich it. I can organize and promote readings and workshops and events of literary and creative explosions for the community to attend. I also get the chance to share my own work at these events, and that makes me feel really good inside. (Even when maybe my work is…challenging to hear…and of course, challenging to read.) This event did National Poetry Month proud!

My dream is to own a creative space where I can hold these events for the many creative people in this city. It’ll happen. Until then I’ll take advantage of the many beautiful locations and helpful and generous folks who run them to hold these necessary events in.

If you came to the event, please hear my thank you! I hope it was unexpectedly wonderful…or expectedly incredible!

Thank you Srimoyee, Jude, Joanne and the team at the Art Gallery of WindsorCBC Windsor MorningEddy’s Mediterranean Bistro, Mike Hargreaves, the hubby, the kids and of course, the ladies: Crissi, Kate, Melanie, Gill, Priscilla and Jess. Let’s do it again, shall we?


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