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Holiday Happiness!

It’s been quite a wonderful holiday thus far! We are busy, busy at the Shields’ house, but happy and full – inside and out.

Santa came with a wildly generous heart…so Christmas morning was a rustle with paper tearing and loud yelps of joy.

Santa ate some Oreo cookies, drank some milk and took a moment to read! What a fellow!
photo 1
Jett and Miller stay up late and sleep in. Except on Christmas! They fell asleep before 10pm and were up and at ’em at 7am!
photo 2
Oh yes. Santa delivered.
photo 3
Books! Santa knows what the Shields’ love! To read!
photo 4
Our Miller loves to unwrap gifts…who doesn’t?
photo 5
New clothes! Now Miller can dress like her favourite characters on Full House…
photo 2
This was Oscar’s first Christmas with us. He was so thrilled about all the paper he could rip apart!
photo 1
Star Wars. Star Wars. Star Wars. Jett’s a major fan!
photo 3
The hubby gifted us a record player! Remember those? I know they’re all the hipster rage these days – and I’m glad! I’ve hopped on that bandwagon and am dancing away!
photo 4
The music collection! Sweet!
I’d saved the albums I listened to when I was a kid (Jett and Miller’s age!)! Can you believe it? They still all played perfectly. I laughed and cried as the songs and sounds scooped me right back to childhood. Wow!

photo 1 photo 2photo 3

The one thing that Jett wished for was a Lego Millennium Falcon. I love his reaction to receiving it! He spent close to three hours building – all by himself! – What a masterpiece!

The hubby and Miller picked out this beautiful meditation pillow for me! I love it!

We ate with family, laughed with friends. We’ve been ice skating and to the movies. We’ve had play dates and dinners…all in the loving spirit of the holidays!

We hope everyone received the gifts their hearts desired! We wish you a beautiful holiday season – and very Happy New Year! May the spirit of love and giving flow with you into the new year!

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