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The Countdown is On! Look At Her Book Launch Sept. 22! And More!


Hot-diggity-dawg! The countdown is on to my book launch! I can’t believe that it’s less than two weeks until the big night! Oh my, there’s so much to do! I’m doing my best to breathe through the mega to-do lists I’m making for myself each day. I’m also trying to exercise and meditate too – I can’t tell you how much that helps. And watching Gilmore Girls; that really helps too. And one more thing! I’m reading the most beautiful book I’ve ever read: The Little Paris Book Shop by Nina George. I mean, this book was written for my soul! Every line makes me weep and grow. Lots of coffee is helping as well, but when I drink too much my joints begin to I must be careful! Ha!

This morning I was able to get into the theatre where my launch is happening. Remember the map I made you?


Well, I’ve got some more photos to help you find your way! It was so exciting to see the space and envision the transformation…

Here’s the main door to the Jackman Dramatic Art Centre.
Here’s what you’ll see when you walk. Just follow the orange walls!
Here’s where you’ll enter the theatre…but not before you…
Stop here and have a few snacks! Remember – no food in the theatre!
Here’s where you’ll be sitting! Yes, the lighting will be different and there will be decorations…Be sure to have your fingers ready to snap!

As a reminder, the doors will be open by 6:30pm. Show will start at 7:00pm. This is a free event, but bring your money so you can buy LOTS OF BOOKS! These ones! We’re having a sale of two for $30! And you’ll get your books signed and you’ll get a pretty bag too!

LOOK AT HER COVER FOR REVIEW cropped-iamcover.jpg

I’ve got a rehearsal with the Empire Jazz Trio planned. Hazzaaaah! This is gonna be one fun night. Currently, I can think about it and a few resident butterflies thrill in my belly…alas, I know that the elephants are on their way! I’ll be a wreck that night…but I’ll be okay!

I’ve been continually working on my mighty book tour – adding another gig in late November in Toronto at the Steady Cafe…with a load of amazing poets, and musical guest Pat Robitaille (formerly lead singer of the Walkervilles). I’ll be joined by James Lindsay, Spencer Butt and Ashley Elizabeth-Best!


The first stop on my book tour was in London with The Ontario Poetry Society! It was just wonderful!

I’m blurry, but I’m real! It was a wonderful audience that received the first official reading from ‘Look At Her’. Thank you to Bunny Isokov and Fran Figge for hosting a grand event!
Nine members of The Ontario Poetry Society had mini-launches of their books! And poetry lives on!!!

The next stop on the book tour train is right here in Windsor for the Launch! To practice though, I’ll be at the Budimir Library for the How-To Festival doing Poetry On Demand tomorrow from 11 – 2pm!


There are grants applications due. Two huge ones…I’ve been working on these and they’re breaking my brain…but it’s money, potentially, so I have to gruel through!

I’ve started writing a new poetry manuscript…it feels so good! I’m hush-hush on the theme though. For now. One book at a time.

The kids are back in school and loving every moment! Jett told me a little boy came up to him and said: I don’t like the learning part of school. Ha! We had a good laugh!

Thanks for sticking with me friends! I look forward to seeing you at the launch or any of my stops on my tour! I can’t wait to read to you and sign a book!

Click here for all the tour details!

Oh, and if you’re on twitter, can you please tweet to @cbccandy – The Candy Palmater Show – I’m really hoping to get on this stellar CBC Radio show! Don’t forget to #lookather! Thank you!

I hope you’re all enjoying this muggy shift into autumn…


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