Writing Life


I’m still underground, friends.

Still in jammy-mode.

Still on sleep-in time.

The kids go back to school on Monday, January sixth so I’m still on a break with them.

I’ve worked hard to stay ‘breaking’ this holiday season. It’s been difficult. Mostly, I’ve paid attention to how being on a break makes me feel. A few words to describe it: confused, discombobulated, unsure, guilty…but also calm, rested, reflected, productive. I’ve been writing in my journal every day. Pages and pages of unloading about, well, everything.

Last night I did my new year oracle card pull and journal. I also found my journal from ten years ago (since this is a new decade we’ve begun), and my journal from last year (shifting into 2019). Two very different entries! I had a good laugh when the entry from January 1, 2010 had ‘we started the year with a ‘bang” in its opening paragraph. Oh the pun. Oh the fun! Two of the oracle cards I pulled last night were the same as two that I pulled last year! They showed up in different places, but it was very cool to see that even after a year of life and dreaming, certain messages remain the same.

I’m not into resolutions.

I am attempting to slide into twenty-twenty like its a freshly zamboni-ed sheet of beautiful ice. I’m not a good skater, you should know. But, the slippery surface makes sense for how wobbly I’ve been feeling. And it’s okay.

The dreams are alive and thriving, so I’m sticking to their cultivation.

But underground I am and I’m enjoying this time for incubation.

INCUBATE: develop slowly without outward or perceptible signs.

Yes, that’s sounds and feels about right.

I wonder when I’ll feel like the sprouting has begun? March? April?

For now, I’m a soul-seed underground…reflecting on this slow development of transition into a new season.

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