On Writing

Poem 18 – The Work of Light & Book Launch Date Announced!

The Work of Light

I sit cross-legged on the sofa
tuck a stick of selenite into the 
waistband of my polka-dot pajamas
so it presses against my left lower back

I close my eyes
lay in a field of wildflowers &
tall grasses like the man tells me

The sky opens
a column of white light
tornadoes over my body

Heal my colon
I sing
I am enveloped
by the light

Heal my colon
I plead

My guts bubble & ramble
I am embarrassed by my 

The dog licks my face

I open my eyes
remind my love to bring 
the leftover shepherd’s pie
to work for lunch

The light clings to my neck
scurries down my spine
seeps inside

Trust me she purrs as she 
straddles my bleeding worries

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Mark your calendars friends! I’m happy to announce the date for my virtual book launch. We will be doing it via Zoom. Specific details for links and such will be available soon. I look forward to celebrating this momentous event with you all!

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