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Poem 27 – Brain


What kinda brain thinks up Solla Sollew?
The Grinch, the Lorax and Horton hearing a Who?

Gather round friends, I’ve got the answer right here
It’s a doctor, I tell you, Dr. Seuss, it’s true!

Inside his brain there’s Mulberry Street
Foxes in Sock-es and rhymes to a beat

There’s Yertles and Wockets and Sneetches and thneeds
A word kitchen catering to Imaginations’ needs

There’s oobleck and Mooney and Thidwick and Mayzie
Tongue-twisters galore that make a mouth crazy

When the doctor is in there’s much we will learn
About sharing and caring and waiting our turn

My favourite thing though I love about his brain
Is the way he makes up words that are wildly un-plain

Like Kwuggerbug and MGurkus, Thing 1 and Thing 2
It’s just so much fun, you agree with me, you do!

So let’s today jump inside Seuss’ brain
And press out fun words like choo-choos from trains

Here, let me start with a word just for you
Piddledeedinkle – it’s the lonely white shoe
That hangs from a phone wire in Woobucktucktoo

Oh, do it, my dears, this game is so thrilling
You can make up new words that are scrumptious and filling

All in good fun and imagination-growing
See the truth is we all have Seuss’ curious knowing

Our brains are quite stunning and brilliant, you know
Filled to the edges with creativity’s glow

So make up new words with gusto and verve
Give the world the gifts from your soul it deserves

And if you need a quick chunk of inspiration pie
Just pick up a book and hold it close to your eye

Look into the colours and spaces and sounds
Your brain it will flutter and awaken the towns

For playing and love that live in your head
We’re doctors too – it’s just like I said

What kind of brain thinks up Solla Sollew?
My brain and his brain and their brain and YOU

Original art by local artist Nhu Tu. For sale! $8.00 for a 5×7 print!

Happy Wednesday friends! I’m feeling quite gersplickety this morning! Inspired by the pretty blue sky and the sun who’s finally showing us her strength after longs days of grey. If you like the original art of Dr. Seuss, let me know! I’ve got beautiful prints in 5×7 for sale at only $8.00 a pop! This sketch was created by local Windsor artist Nhu Tu. And, there are more! Take a look at these…

Each piece is on matte card stock and comes in a plastic covering for safe mailing. They are all 5 x 7. Send me an email if you’re interested in purchasing any. The artist gets 100% of the money.

What is your new word today?

2 thoughts on “Poem 27 – Brain

  1. I don’t know what it is about this poem exactly, but for some reason it makes me think about how good your books must be. As in, they must be really good. The worlds you create and the control you can have over your readers by tugging on their emotions, controlling where their minds go. Taking them away from your control and whipping them back to submission. This is magic, this is gold!


  2. Goodness! Thank you so very much! For all your comments, and for taking the time to read so much of my work! I truly appreciate it! What is your name, btw?!


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