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Poem 30 – Important Questions I

Important Questions I

Can you get me a towel?
Where are you going? 
When will you be back?
Can you make dinner?
Is there chocolate cake?
What is your biggest fear?
What are the test results?
Do you have any allergies?
Is this your first time?
What is your name?
Do you have a condom?
Where did you get your mask?
Have you been there before?
What time is it?
Did you get the license plate?
Is the car charged?
How would you like to pay for that?
Will you sign here?
Where is the remote?
Have you seen my glasses?
Can you send me an email?
Do you have Zoom?
Cats or dogs?
Do you want kids?
Will you marry me?
Is it broken?
Are we doing this?

Can you scratch my back?

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