On Writing

Poem 35 – Masumune


she’s hiding
knees to chest – rocking
tucking her face in her hands
so she doesn’t have to see

words have become
Honjō Masumune
a marching army of the 
sharpest swords 
on the planet

she is afraid of how
the words make her feel
confused crushed cruel

her truths are out there somewhere
glimmering on the dangerous
edges of Ws and Ss

not ready to stand
under or over or among
the meanings she waits

gathers courage in the havering

Feeling pensive and quiet today. The blue sky is dotted with fat shapes of clouds. Seems like it wants to be covered today…or at least doesn’t mind hiding behind the rest of the sky.

The novel flows forward. Back into today.

2 thoughts on “Poem 35 – Masumune

  1. Mary Ann it’s you! I just figured it out! Thank you for the kind words and for always reading! Big love to you!


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