On Writing

Poem 74 – scared/sacred

for Janet

rising in the darkness
ink into journal pages

a demon woman
a starving child
a new moon miracle

witnessing pink strands in
the azure sky lifting up
the golden light

unfurling into this day
a little scared but
aware that a small change
changes everything

So, I worked all day creating my virtual book tour page and including the beautiful book trailer that Jett made…and then I saw that the book trailer was a link…not the actual video when I sent out the post. Hmmmm. Why did that happen?! I know that these days that extra click can be all it takes to throw us into a tech-rage. My apologies if that happened to anyone. That link wasn’t in the post as I created it! In any case, it happened, and I’m/we’re still thrilled with the video. Jett and I snapped a selfie last night to show our joy….

Me and my son, Jett (aka Goose)

I can’t not burst out laughing when I see this picture. He gave me permission to post it. That pose? That’s his Jett pose – eyes closed yet stunned and happy. He does this pose in nearly every photo he takes. We laugh so hard. Oh, such fun, such love. May we all make funny faces and laugh together looking at them! Happy Monday!

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