On Writing

Poem 81 – That Feeling When You Did It

That feeling when YOU.DID.IT!

when the notes in your blood sing a symphony of synergy
when the muscles in your heart tighten & expand jello-ing
the walls of the chambers of your love & you shudder & cry
but you’ve never felt more alive
when your voice is a forest of redwood conviction & confidence
even as doubt & worry grow at branch tips like leaves
when your face hurts from smiling
when your knees hurt from standing in heels
when your dress fits perfectly

when everything & everyone comes together in a rush of magical
power & exclaims its mighty purpose

oh! the post-exhaustion zinging in your marrow like a current
the tender bruising of your aura having bumped into your dream coming true

and finally – the sleep of a champion
body prone bones settling in energy lifting
rising to the ceiling like your very own storm cloud
the weather of your brilliance

My apologies for the late publishing of this poem. This was a BIG weekend, and I took today to rest. Also, to connect with a ray of sunshine on the back deck for tea-sipping and deep conversation.

Here is another peek into what I did this weekend…#thimblesbooklaunch

Thank you to the crew and team…we made some magic, oh yeah.

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