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Poem 122 – Much Happening in the Air

Much Happening in the Air

there is much happening in the air this morning
blue jays throwing screams
robins rolling rebuttals

perhaps they converse about the coming heat
complain about droning leaf blowers – the feather-shaking annoyance of them
they know very well that the wind is more than capable of making leaves dance

whatever their grievance or gratefulness
it is constant

it is community


Yesterday the fam and I took a drive to Amherstburg to drop off a load of books at the beautiful River Bookshop! It was a lovely windy day, perfect for a drive and deliveries. Thank you to everyone who has ordered copies of Thimbles! She’s selling very well! I spent some time signing copies that will go in the post today and/or be hand-delivered! It feels so good to write personal messages and continue to share the words and Nonna’s legacy! Thanks everyone!

What flower is this?

I had to stop and smell and photograph this luscious flower! It was in a large bush. It didn’t have a strong scent, but its beauty caught my eye. Anyone know what kind of flower this is?

May has arrived…and clearly with it…May flowers! I hope you’re stopping to smell the flowers on your walk outside today! Indeed – head outside! Nature is gifting us with a gorgeous day!

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