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Poem 151 – Mini-Ode to Finishing Reading an Incredible Book

Mini-Ode to Finishing Reading an Incredible Book

when it happens I call it out
to the sofas & the rug
to the dust & the dogs
to the flowered curtains &
the green & yellow plants
to the kids to the husband
to anyone & any thing
with an ability to soak

I finished reading my book!

reading a book is an unbeaten path
come to stay in the house of my body
for days or weeks
for hours or minutes
the book lives in my veins

at once the final black letters
wrap into endings – the bags
are packed & the book stands
rigid at the door

sometimes it is a relief
to view the leaving
other times it is a poor match
& the visit ends abruptly without conclusion

but the best times are when the book
lingers in the foyer of my heart
implanting –
I fein having lost the key to
unlock the door so it can go

I finished reading a book!
just now…
& my heart is fat
swollen against the frame
of ribs like wet pages between covers

it will remain this one
forever I’ve decided
imprisoned with the others
I dare not bid adieu

settle in dear friend
I coo – join the ranks
there will be tie before
these veins embrace another
for now they are ripe with you
(I bow down in thanks)

The Thirteenth Tale by Diane Setterfield

This is the book that inspired the poem above. It was gifted to me by Charis Cotter, writer of ghost stories, lover of ghost stories…and goodness, this is one ghost story I’ll never let leave me. Thank you, Charis!

And oh! I’ve just discovered that a film has been made starring the great Olivia Coleman and Vanessa Redgrave. Yay!

What book(s) have you finished reading that are now implanted in your heart?

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