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Poem 155 – skin tag & the success of joy!

Skin tag

in my peripheral
eye catching collection 
of skin
a reminder to 
notice the blurry
to pause the rapid flurry
of things that pass fast
& see what more you can hold

in your vision under your nose on your face

a fuller smile


Thank you Abbey and Aimee, and the 30+ writers who joined us in our joy-filled webinar about the joy of editing last evening! Didn’t we have such a ball?! We laughed, we swore (well, I did!), we shared our story – and it was good!

Congratulations to our two book-giveaway winners Adriana and Edward!

We recorded the webinar and the powerpoint is available if anyone is interested in our talk! Let me know!

We wish you a joyful experience in your writer/editor relationships!

Upcoming on the blog…

Good things come in threes:

  1. Q&A with writer Bruce Meyer about his new collection of short stories, The Hours.
  2. Q&A with Dream Poet for Hire Marshall James Kavanaugh (yup, he’s the poet who I’ll be joining me on my next virtual tour stop!)
  3. Q&A with Windsor writer and idea man Peter Billing about his new book The Road Hockey Crew.

Have a super Friday!

One thought on “Poem 155 – skin tag & the success of joy!

  1. Vanessa,

    You and Abigail did a great job! Thank you for making it accessible with PowerPoint.

    I’d love a copy of the page near the end that summed up what you said. I jotted some of it down, but missed some points.

    Strangely, Abigail’s 30-40 notebooks in which she writes randomly was an encouragement. Yes, I can relate to that (mess?) and it gives me hope! Hope that there are other writers who do this, and hope that (maybe) putting everything in a big binder is possible. Or not. 😊

    All the best,

    Grace Vermeer


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