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Poem 160 Debates for Morning run

Debates for Morning run

The great debate begins 
before my limbs
know they are limbs

Should I run? 
Should I go for a run?
Should I go for a short run? 
It’s a gorgeous morning!

Then my limbs tingle
anticipation of their use
a muscular aphrodisiac

It’s lift-off the bed
get dressed
brush teeth
ready music & 
run into the day

Shaky with limbic lust
I thrust
my body into the pool post-run
it is a mouth of cold water
gurgling my salty exhaustion

Skinny dip ending
for the joy of naked elation
there is no debate

Yes always yes

Next stop on virtual book tour: Philly!

Writing, reading and discussion with Vanessa Shields, Poet On Demand, and Marshall James Kavanaugh, Dream Poet For Hire

Vanessa and Marshall will discuss writing poetry on demand, and showcasing exactly how they do it! Also, they’ll discuss writing poetry, and will read from their books. Marshall is in Philadelphia.
7:30PM EST
Via Instagram Live @dreampoetforhire – Marshall and/or @shieldsvanessa – Vanessa

Thank you to the League of Canadian Poets for a grant for this event!

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