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Poem 168 – Declaration & Starred Independent Book Review for Thimbles!


The water in the mountain stream was clear like true love
Cold like 5am on a winter morning stretch proud to be awake
When I gathered it in my palms it shocked me like a thousand 
Pages of book paper cutting into me – magnificent

It wasn’t yesterday that we had this exchange
But moons and moons ago, yet like the sky holds a place
For each star, my body holds this memory as it waxes
& wanes & declares its light in fleeting exaltations

Independent Book Review

Thimbles is a painstakingly beautiful collection of poetry of love across generations. I highly recommend it.

Susan Morris, Independent Book Review, June 2021

A giant thank you to our friends at Independent Book Review for reading and offering a glowing review of Thimbles! Thank you Susan, for your heartfelt reading and response!

Independent Book Review celebrates small presses and self-published books. The full review will be up on their site soon! I’ll be sure to post a link, but in the meantime, do have a look (read!) at their website and enjoy the many amazing books they’ve reviewed!

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