On Writing

Poem 180 – Singularly Motivated Mysteries & Thank you, Marshall!

Singularly Motivated Mysteries

Out of nowhere
a white smear
on the belly
of my crisp
black dress

Like a single sock
peeking its heel
from under the
bed or a lonely
fingernail caught
in the dog dust
like a colourless
rainbow these

Mysterious household
phenomenon appear
sometimes in passing
or in the peripheral or
right smack in the
centre of my favourite
black dress

I changed into another
dress this one black too
but dappled with white
moons in fulls & quarters
in waxes & wanes

I bet this dress
won’t get caught
in a curious smudge
these mysteries
like to work

Instagram Live Event a Wow-er!

A heartfelt thank you to #dreampoetforhire Marshall James Kavanaugh for a wow-er of a live instagram event last evening! We talked poetry, we read poetry, we wrote poetry – together! It was sooo very magical and cool, and it wrapped me up in a grand hug of ‘community’. That is, the world-wide community of creative people, who share their hearts and minds and create magic every where they go! From haikus in national parks to poems on demand at intimate festivals, poetry is alive and thriving! Thank you Marshall for sharing your poetry heart with us!

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