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Poem 192 – Our love – porcelain

Our love – porcelain

true porcelain, for centuries resonant,
soft to the touch – beautiful
fired in Love’s kiln, glazed in tongue kisses – heat-centred

today is eighteen years since vows in this lifetime
were forged, re-committed & strengthened on
the stage beneath a full moon & dazzling stars

in the kind comfort of this landscape of devotion
we will sip coffee, gather groceries, share the sofa
I will take off his socks after a long day of work &
hold his naked feet, our intimacy is sole touch

our souls touched & lasting like bone
breakable always, yet we know how to
navigate the fine halls of pain, how to greet
the froth-fanged face of fear in each other’s
eyes with patience & laughter

we understand the gravity of slow-dancing in the kitchen
how to leave the dishes dirty, how the sloppy bliss
of the stand-up orgasm is a necessary pleasure,
a dialect of the language we express with our bodies

we are teacups, we are dinner plates,
we are figurines fashioned in the
longevity of the timeless
treasure of true love

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